Apply as a mentee for innovative sustainable energy financing 

After the successful 1st learning cycle where the participants shared their experiences with other-than-subsidies financing, PROSPECT+ now opens the application for the mentees for the second learning cycle.

Apply as a mentee for innovative sustainable energy financing 

Cities and regions in Europe are facing challenges in ensuring sustainable energy investments for their territories due to the energy crisis.

PROSPECT+ helps local and regional authorities mitigate growing energy costs and accelerate achieving climate targets through its unique capacity-building programme covering 5 thematic areas which are public buildings, private buildings, public lighting, transport and cross-sectoral.

Apply now and become the next mentee

Mentees from local and regional authorities from 44 eligible countries can now apply to the PROSPECT+ capacity-building programme until the 30th of September 2022. 

The selected mentees have the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors about how public authorities across Europe are tackling financing for their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). You can find the mentor’s pitch in this webinar.

The second learning cycle

The second learning cycle starting in November 2022 will focus on:

  • Public buildings: Energy Performance Contracting (working with ESCOs) 
  • Public and private buildings: Bundling of energy efficiency projects to attract investors
  • Public lighting: Energy Performance Contracting (working with ESCOs)
  • Cross-sectoral: Internal contracting
  • Cross-sectoral: Revolving funds 
  • Cross-sectoral: Citizen financing (crowdfunding, energy communities)
  • Transport: Local incentives for e-mobility
  • and more!

Accommodation and travel costs are covered by the project.

Eligibility criteria

Participation in the programme is free of charge. You can apply if you are:

  • Staff member of regional or local authorities or their energy/climate agencies in the eligible countries.
  • Staff member of other local or regional organisations (e.g., development agencies, municipal companies, energy cooperatives,…) in the eligible countries.
  • External consultant working for a local or regional public authority in the eligible countries.