EEW3 Feedback Loop Report

This Feedback Loop Report of Energy Efficiency Watch project is an overview of all released reports, including country reports, survey reports, case studies and policy conclusions.

The EEW facilitates the policy implementation process of EU energy efficiency policies and supports market transition by collecting information on the implementation of energy efficiency policies and providing this information to a variety of stakeholders, including European, national, regional, local policymakers and experts.

This report summarises the overall released portfolio of reports of the Energy Efficiency Watch project that includes:

  • the 28 Country Reports (available in English and national languages) which analyse the progress of energy efficiency in each Member State
  • the Expert Survey Report, which gathered input from over 1100 experts, reporting on levels of ambition and progress of efficiency policies in each Member State
  • 10 Case Studies that present outstanding energy efficiency policies in Europe and offer inspiration to policy makers
  • the Key Policy Conclusions, which condense the project outcomes and translate them into strategic policy conclusions
  • the project summary brochure: “How to make Europe Number 1 in Energy Efficiency”

Additionally, the report provides specific input from the business stakeholder consultation in 5 selected countries and feedback from the local and regional level gathered in several thematic workshops.