FEDARENE Info 43 – Focus on the effects of sustainable energy investments on employment and growth

For this autumn edition, we discuss the topic of sustainable energy investments and how they affect employment and growth.

In this 43rd edition of the FEDARENE Info, we discuss how energy investments serve as a source of job creation and economic development.

In this issue, you will also find:

  • An Edito by Didier Dousset, Vice President of FEDARENE and President of ARENE Île-de-France, which focuses on energy investments as source of job creation and economic development
  • An Interview with Francesco PagliaruChair of the ENVE in the Commitee of the Regions, who talked about the costs, the investments and the impacts on growth of sustainable energy
  • Articles by two FEDARENE members, Energy Agency of Podravje and Skåne Energy Agency, sharing their experience on investing in public buildings and photovoltaic systems
  • An overview of FEDARENE’s ongoing European projects.