Funding and Financing Guide — To support Regional Climate Adaptation

Discover the MIP4Adapt guide that directs regions and local authorities to sources for identifying opportunities in the dynamic climate finance landscape! It provides detail on the different financial sources under funding, financing, and mixed and alternative sources.

The Mission Implementation Platform (MIP4Adapt) published a guide which addresses the pressing concern of insufficient climate finance for local and regional authorities eager to undertake climate adaptation actions. Through consultations, stakeholders have highlighted the challenges in securing support for funding and financing processes. It serves as your resource, offering a roadmap from project preparation to successful application, ensuring a seamless transition to effective climate adaptation.

To aid your understanding, the guide introduces diverse funding and financing options, such as grants, PPPs, crowdfunding, and philanthropic funds, each explained with benefits for informed decision-making. It reveals paths to financial resources and imparts insights on enhancing preparedness before seeking funding or financing. Distinguishing between funding and financing, the guide clarifies funding as non-repayable money for project development, while financing involves repayment obligations, often with interest. Financial institutions typically provide financing through loans, with careful consideration of terms.

While not listing specific funding sources, the guide acts as a gateway, directing stakeholders to sources for identifying suitable opportunities in the dynamic climate finance landscape. By fostering thorough preparation and proactive engagement, the guide empowers you to navigate funding and financing processes efficiently, contributing to the success of climate adaptation initiatives.