How to Make Europe Number 1 in Energy Efficiency – Key results from the Energy-Efficiency-Watch Project

The brochure analyses at the current state and the potential of energy efficiency policies to become elements of a new industrial policy while examining the potential policy instruments regarding their design and implementation.

The Energy Efficiency Watch project started in 2007 with the aim to support the implementation process of the Energy Services Directive. Since then, it has continued to analyse the National Energy Efficiency Actions plans submitted regularly by all Member States and assists in the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive, which replaced the Energy Services Directive in 2012.

The Energy Efficiency Watch project thereby has and continues to deliver practical evidence on where the implementation of EU energy efficiency policies stands, what is working well, what less – and why this is the case.

This brochure highlights good examples of implemented energy efficiency policies. These policies combine innovative approaches and proven policy practices that significantly contribute to energy savings.

The brochure also presents key EEW3 projects results:

  • Energy Efficiency as a Driving Force
  • A European Overview of the Implementation of EU Energy Efficiency Policies
  • Five Case Studies of Highly Effective Energy Efficiency Policy-Making
  • Specific Recommendations on Energy Efficiency Policies from the Business Community
  • Key Policy Recommendations on Future European Energy Efficiency Policies