Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures

From building refurbishment to street lighting, discover the latest and most inspiring projects FEDARENE members have been working on to increase energy efficiency.

We know it: the most efficient energy is the one we do not use. In this new publication, you will find out some of the most recent and remarkable projects FEDARENE’s member regions and energy agencies have been working in the field of energy efficiency – from building refurbishment to street lighting:

  • 3CEA (IE) has helped a growing number of home-owners, businesses, community groups and organisations to reduce their energy costs and achieve energy savings;
  • AEEPM (RO) is developing SPEEDIER, a European project which aims to address the barriers faced by SMEs that prevent them from undertaking energy audits and implementing the recommended energy-saving measures;
  • ENERGAP (SI) is working with the City of Maribor to reduce energy consumption by the introduction of energy-efficient measures and renewable energy sources in primary schools, kindergartens and administrative buildings;
  • In 2016, the North Sweden Energy Agency started the project “LEK³ – Sustainable real estate use through collaboration” to achieve a more efficient energy use in buildings with the collaboration between different stakeholders;
  • The Fryslan Province (NL) has been working with the TIPPING approach and wheel, a tool designed for improving innovation policy or governance;
  • MENEA (HR) is coordinating projects of comprehensive energy refurbishment of public buildings in Medjimurje County;
  • SODEBUR (ES) changed the street lighting into a LED system in 179 municipalities to reduce energy consumption and saved a total of 2M euros in the first year;
  • The Tipperary Healthy Homes Scheme created by the Tipperary Energy Agency (IE) aims to move homeowners away from fossil fuel and replace it by heat pumps;
  • The Valladolid Municipal Energy Agency (ES) has renovated the diesel fuel boilers of 21 school buildings to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

All projects are featured in our 2020 Sustainable Regions in Action brochure published in January 2020.

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