Open letter: Think efficiency first to address the energy and climate crisis

More than 20 organisations join FEDARENE in an open letter addressed to EU negotiators rivising the Energy Efficiency Directive.

More than 20 organisations join FEDARENE in an open letter addressed to the EU negotiators revising the Energy Efficiency Directive. It calls for an effective implementation of the Energy Efficiency First principle in all of the EU, national and local policy, planning and investment projects regardless of the size of investments.

With the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), the EU Institutions are due to agree in trialogue negotiations on provisions that introduce in the regulatory framework the implementation of the “Energy Efficiency First” Principle.

This letter, co-signed by European business organisations, housing associations and NGOs, calls on the EED negotiators to agree on applying the principle without monetary thresholds that could rule out its application in many local projects having an impact on the energy system, therefore missing the potential energy efficiency can have for the economy, society and the climate. 

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