Sustainable Regions in Action 2020

FEDARENE’s yearly publication “Sustainable Regions in Action” gathers a unique collection of projects implemented by European regions and their energy agencies, as well as essential information about our Network and its activities.

FEDARENE is proud to present our 2020 edition of its Sustainable Regions in Action series.

Every year, we highlight the important work regions and agencies have accomplished in projecting a better future for their local communities in achieving a fair and green transition.

You will also find our position paper for steps to effective support for Energy Transition from the new LIFE Programme, as well as different projects and initiatives we have been working on.

In the brochure, different projects and initiatives from our members are presented under 6 categories:

  1. Sustainable finance and innovation services;
  2. Reducing the carbon footprint/environment;
  3. Implementing energy efficiency measures;
  4. Supporting renewable energy sources;
  5. Promoting Eco-Mobility;
  6. Education and communication.