Sustainable Regions in Action 2023

FEDARENE’s annual publication “Sustainable Regions in Action” consists of a unique collection of projects implemented by European regions and their energy agencies, as well as essential information about our Network and its activities.

FEDARENE is thrilled to give you the 2023 edition of our annual publication “Sustainable Regions in Action”.

Every year, our brochure features the important work of local and regional authorities, islands, and their energy agencies at the service of a Green(er) Europe.

This year was marked by war and a new energy crisis. Most of our members saw a rise in demand for their services, and are doing their best to support public authorities, businesses and citizens alike.

In this brochure, you will discover some of the solutions implemented by our members in their territories to adapt to this new ‘normal’ while working towards Climate Neutrality. These solutions are available now, ready to be replicated and upscaled. They deal with a large portfolio of issues and topics:

  • Local Energy Savings Campaigns;
  • Integrated Renovation Services;
  • Exemplary Buildings and Lighting Systems;
  • Renewable Energy Communities;
  • Alleviation of Energy Poverty;
  • Transforming Businesses towards Climate Neutrality;
  • Unlocking the potential of Local Stakeholders;
  • Adaptation to Climate Change;
  • Accelerating Islands’ Energy Transition;
  • Highway to Eco-mobility;
  • Enhancing Bioenergy.

You will also find a presentation of who were are and what we do, as well as interviews and editorials of our Vice Presidents.

We wish you a delightful read!