Sustainable Regions in Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Europe’s Energy Transition

Dive into the transformative journey towards a sustainable energy future with our latest publication. Explore insightful contributions, innovative projects, and strategic recommendations paving the way for a resilient Europe.

FEDARENE is delighted to present the new edition of “Sustainable Regions in Action,” continuing our tradition of showcasing the impactful work of European regions and their energy agencies in advancing sustainability.

In this brochure, readers will discover a diverse array of solutions implemented by our members, addressing pressing issues such as building renovation, renewable energy communities, and ensuring a just transition. These projects serve as tangible examples of sustainable practices ready for replication and upscaling, contributing to Europe’s collective journey towards a greener future.

A notable addition to this year’s edition is our updated Political Manifesto, articulating our vision, mission, and political recommendations for the new members of the European Parliament and Commission. This manifesto underscores the importance of collaboration and collective action in shaping Europe’s energy landscape, emphasizing the role of local and regional stakeholders in driving positive change. You will also find translations of our manifesto in different EU languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Croatian, Czech, Slovenian and Greek.

In addition to project highlights, readers will find insights into FEDARENE’s mission, activities, and an interviews with our Secretary General Seamus Hoyne.

We invite you to explore the pages of “Sustainable Regions in Action” and join us in our commitment to building a sustainable, equitable future for generations to come.