Replicable practices on innovative financing schemes

Find out Replicable practices on innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency and climate adaptation that have been collected in the framework of the PROSPECT+ project.

Replicable practices on innovative financing schemes

PROSPECT+ supports EU cities and regions on their way to successfully implementing their local energy and climate actions using innovative financing. Its Capacity-Building Programme aims to promote synergies and enhance city decision-making processes regarding the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Collected replicable practices

PROSPECT+ focuses on five thematic learning modules:

• Public Buildings: Covers buildings and facilities owned, managed or controlled by public authorities. Facilities refer to energy consuming entities that are not buildings, such as wastewater treatment plants.
• Private Buildings: Covers buildings owned, managed or controlled by private individuals or corporations. These refer primarily to the tertiary sector (services), such as private companies, banks, commercial, and retail activities, hospitals, etc. and residential buildings, including social housing.
• Transport: Covers the provision of and management of mass transit systems by public authorities, as well as private transport.
• Public Lighting: Covers the provision of public lighting (e.g. street lighting and traffic lights) owned or operated by public authorities. Non-municipal public lighting is under private buildings.
• Cross-Sectoral: Covers all those interventions falling under two or more thematic areas; climate change adaptation; local electricity production e.g., wind power, hydroelectric power, photovoltaic; and local heat/cold production e.g., combined heat and power and district heating plant.

Innovative financing schemes

By innovative financing schemes, PROSPECT+ refers to non-traditional ways of raising funds and facilitating sustainable energy and climate investments by mixing different sources or own funds, public and private funds engaging different partners (e.g. citizens, private sector) outside of established financial institutions (e.g. banks).

The financing instruments PROSPECT+ will focus on are Citizens finance (such as cooperatives and crowdfunding), Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), Internal contracting (intracting), Green BondsGuarantee fundsSoft loansRevolving funds, and Third-party financing.