Step-WISE capacity building opportunity: participate as Replicators!

The Step-WISE project is a tailored and dynamic capacity building programme to transform local and regional authorities into autonomous early adopters of digitised, integrated, and ambitious Clean Energy Transition Plans.

Step-WISE capacity building opportunity: participate as Replicators!

Project Concept

  • Promote energy transition by building and increasing the local and regional authorities’ skills and capacities to deliver, implement and monitor their energy plans for their local context.
  • A use-case based approach to developing a digital toolkit for training of disseminators of the toolkit and the application of the toolkit by Use case adopters.

We are looking for Energy Agencies to participate as Replicators!

Benefits of being a replicator

We’re offering extended trial licenses to the digital toolkit (IES’ decarbonisation tools), to the first 10 replicators who register, providing 6 months of access. The next 20 replicators will receive a 3-month trial period upon registration (The exact start date of the extended free trial will be confirmed later, in accordance with the project’s deliverable timelines).

  • Active Participation and Insight
    • Engage in all project phases to influence development of the programme and toolkit.
    • Gain early access to the Digital Toolkit through live demos and virtual workshops.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Visibility
    • Attend virtual workshops showcasing project progress and live demonstrations of the Step-WISE toolkit.
    • Feature your logo and link on our website to highlight your commitment to clean energy transition.
  • Capacity Building and Expertise
    • Adopt a research backed capacity building program and toolkit
    • Form a Steering Group to collaborate directly with technology providers and trainers.
  • Training and Leadership Support
    • Receive training on cutting-edge toolkit technologies.
    • Assist local authorities in crafting effective Clean Energy Transition Plans (CETPs).