The Finalists of the Roger Léron Award – 2017

Discover the finalists  of the Roger Léron Award 2017! Among them, 1 winner will be chosen by the Jury composed of 7 highly skilled experts.

The Finalists of the Roger Léron Award – 2017

Discover the finalists  of the Roger Léron Award 2017! Among them, 1 winner will be chosen by the Jury composed of 7 highly skilled experts – five members of FEDARENE, one representative of the EU Institutions (European Committee of the Regions) and a representative of the sustainable energy industry.

Join us at the Ceremony of the Roger Léron Award  on the 5th of December 2017 in Brussels at 6pm at the BIP-House of the Brussels capital region, and let’s find out together their stories.


Felicia Ienculescu-Popovici is the founder and director of Greenitiative, a Romanian NGO active since 2007 in the field of promoting climate change awareness and energy sustainability amongst the Romanian public. Her organization has grown from a personal initiative into a nationally relevant organization in these 10 years of existence by developing and implementing projects covering three main areas of interest: 1) ecological footprint (with a focus on our carbon footprint generating climate change), 2) green building & living (with a focus on near-zero and zero energy buildings and sustainable building materials) and 3) green social (with a focus on exploring solutions for the energy-poor).


Dr Ljubomir Majdandzic is pioneer of solar energy in Croatia and first Croatian expert who advocated renewable energy and promoted the concept of Croatia’s 100% renewable energy economy. Dr Majdandzic put Croatia on Europe map of sustainable energy. In more than 20 years he made lots of connections with other experts on local, but also regional level, most through The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. It is the central point for collecting and investing extra budgetary resources in the programmes and projects of environmental and nature protection, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, but also through Croatian professional association for solar energy in which he was the president.

ROOS Wilfried

Mayor of the Saerbeck City in Germany, he gave the impetus to a complete change of the City of Saerbeck to a climate friendly future. In 2008, he decided to participate at a competition of the state of North Rhine Westphalia. The state was seeking for a model community for climate protection and climate adaption. At that time, the candidate spotted the great chance of a climate friendly future as a basis for a sustainable future of a local community. His big motivation was driven by a very personal reason: he was convinced that there will be no longer oil and natural gas sources when his grandchildren will reach the same age as himself – so there must be found another way to supply the local energy than by fossils. Another motivation was his foreseeing mind that changing the energy supply to renewable energies will give a tremendous impact to local value added, jobs in future industries and a local contribution to a global problem – reducing GHG-emissions and global warming.

The Roger Léron Award Nominees

During this third edition of the Roger Léron Award, FEDARENE received applications from across Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania…) and choosing amongst the candidates was not an easy task. The work carried out by the nominees reflects how individuals with resolve and persistence can make the energy transition happen at the regional and local level.