Towards Circular Economy in Finland – CIRCWASTE project

Central Finland, together with four other regions in Finland, has started exploring the potential of the Circular economy. The focus of this 7-year Life IP project with a budget of almost 19M€ is on efficient use of material flows, waste prevention and new waste and resource management concepts. Altogether 19 pilot projects will focus on the circular economy of different waste resources.

Towards Circular Economy in Finland – CIRCWASTE project

One of the key areas in Central Finland is biodegradable waste. A study on mixed household solid wastes, conducted in spring 2017, revealed that domestic waste still contains up to 30% of organic waste. Biodegradable waste is a raw material for biogas production, and should not be disposed  together with solid wastes.  In general, biogas production has increased in Central Finland, and its share of the energy consumed by our transport sector could be notable in the future. CIRCWASTE project promotes the  production and consumption of biomethane.

CIRCWASTE will catalyse circular economy actions via regional roadmaps. These roadmaps will enable the regions to find their strengths and focus areas in waste-related circular economy. Roadmaps are created in cooperation with various stakeholders, including municipalities, waste companies, NGO’s and schools.

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