Internal Sustainability Work related to Mobility and Transport

Discover how FEDARENE member energy agencies and its partners and reinventing the way they work and travel to develop more sustainable alternatives.

Speakers’ slides

The Covid-19 pandemic currently experienced worlwide forces us to rethink the way we work and travel. It forces us to revert to digital meetings instead of physical ones. What if we used these difficult times to reassess our work and travel practices? Energy Agencies around Europe have the opportunity to – and must – be role models when it comes to sustainable travelling. Our internal travels and transports must be efficient and our entire mobility mindset must be sustainable. Through activities and events that we (all Energy Agencies) together plan and implement, we have the power to push ourselves, our partners, participants and visitors to choose sustainable transport alternatives to and from the activities. Already in the planning of our activities we need to be aware of the importance of choice of location, menu, program etc. Awareness raising among our own organisations and among our target groups’ organisations is an important mission for us. Through this webinar, FEDARENE members share inspiring examples and experiences to improve our own internal work related to mobility and transport while strengthening our common identity of energy role models.