What is missing in Energy, Climate, and Spatial planning?

Are you involved in Energy, Climate, Urban, or Spacial planning of your territory? Would you like to share how it is done there? Then, at IN-PLAN, we are interested in your experience!

What is missing in Energy, Climate, and Spatial planning?

The IN-PLAN project is collecting current practices on how Energy, Climate, or Spacial planning is done across Europe to identify what is missing for efficient planning!

The overarching objective of IN-PLAN is to develop, test, and roll out the IN-PLAN practice – a long-lasting support structure enabling local and regional authorities to effectively implement their sustainable energy and climate plans by:  

  • integrating energy, climate and spatial planning (as well as other types of planning tools, such as mobility, infrastructure, etc.);  
  • ensuring commitment at all political levels (through vertical integration);
  • and  matching the included measures with specific dedicated local and regional budget lines.   

On top of delivering this innovative and effective approach, IN-PLAN intends to empower local and regional governments and their energy, climate, and development agencies through a 2-step capacity building programme. 

If you are involved in energy, climate, mobility, urban, or spatial planning, we are eager to know more about how it is done in your territory. How? We have prepared a survey that you can fill in. It will only take you 15 mins!