A look back to a cool webinar on energy transition tools 

Check out the recommendations and feedback of different EU regions on several online tools, that helped them speeding up the energy transition in their communities.

A look back to a cool webinar on energy transition tools 

On Thursday 8th of February different project and policy experts from different EU regions gathered in an online roundtable to show-case three different tools supporting the EU regions in their energy transition. Along their presentations, they highlighted why tools are cool for the effective implementation of energy and climate planning.  

The panel was shared between the EU-LIFE projects Regio1st and IN-PLAN, and the HORIZON project PROSPECT+. But what are all these projects about? And what useful tools are in there? 

The Regio1st online tool, to mainstream energy efficiency at the local level 

The Regio1st project focuses on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency First Principle into regional planning. To help regional and local authorities to do so, the project developed an online Planning Framework. This tool provides a comprehensive, structured approach for regional energy planners in Europe to develop and implement sustainable, cost-effective energy strategies while prioritising energy savings in buildings, system flexibilities, and other energy efficiency solutions.  

Stay tuned, the Regio1st online tool will be released in the upcoming weeks!

IN-PLAN, the interactive practice methodology to support energy, climate, and spatial plans 

The IN-PLAN project is supporting regions and cities to implement sustainable energy, climate, and spatial plans, thanks to an interactive practice methodology. The Practice is a long-lasting support structure aiming at integrating energy and climate planning with spatial planning while ensuring commitment at all political levels, while matching the included measures with specific dedicated local and regional budget lines.  

Stay tuned, the IN-PLAN online tool will be released in the upcoming months!


Energy and climate planning is also a matter of financing! The Prospect+ project developed a package of tools to help you find the most efficient and innovative financing schemes matching your local needs. and implementing their sustainable energy and climate plans (SECAPs) or similar with a capacity building program based on peer to peer. 

Discover the tool   

Cities are the main contributors to pollution and climate change, but they have also the potential of becoming a real driving force of the energy transition, leading by example and exceeding EU neutrality targets. From planning to implementation and financing, useful tools can ease the process and support the energy and climate transition at the regional and local level.  

“Tools do not have to be complicated, tools can be conceptual, and above all tools are an aid to decision-making” 

Michael Doran from the South-East Ireland Energy Agency

Find out more on the core information of the webinar, thanks to the recording of the event and the very comprehensive slides that were presented: