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Integrated Energy, Climate and Spatial planning to enable local and regional authorities to effectively implement their plan. #LifeINPLAN


IN-PLAN regularly welcomes 2 types of stakeholders in its two-step capacity-building programme: local and regional authorities, and energy, climate, or development agencies. Step 1 will aim at empowering energy, climate and/or development agencies from across Europe to become IN-PLAN Multipliers. Step 2 will aim at passing on the IN-PLAN Practice knowledge to local and regional authorities, the Replicators, which will be tutored either by the five national project partners or by the trained multipliers.

Check below which programme is made for you and get involved!

Train the Trainers – the programme for agencies

Are you interested in teaching the IN-PLAN practice? Have you been asked so by your local or regional authority? Join the movement and become a multiplier!

A Multiplier is a local or regional energy, climate, or development agency which takes part in the train-the-trainer workshop to learn how the IN-PLAN Practice can be implemented by their local or regional authorities, called replicators.

The Train-the-Trainer workshop, which is hosted by the IN-PLAN Partners either online or in person, will be repeated until the end of 2025, with an open call for 10 to 15 participants before each.

The upcoming Train the Trainer will take place over 3 online sessions in early 2024. Participants need to attend all 3 sessions to complete the programme.

The IN-PLAN Practice – the programme for authorities

Are you interested in implementing the IN-PLAN practice? First, tell us more about the current situation in your territory and fill in the survey below. Second, join the movement and become a replicator!

A Replicator is a municipality, a city, or a region not only from the EU. They will receive capacity building from an IN-PLAN-trained energy, climate, or development agency. They will then initiate the implementation of the IN-PLAN practice themselves or seek external support.

To become a replicator, the candidate authority should verify that they have a trained energy, climate, or development agency, named Multiplier, in proximity. If this is not the case, IN-PLAN (through FEDARENE) can reach out to the relevant agencies in the area and propose to become a multiplier.

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In the news

Join the IN-PLAN Train the Trainer programme and learn about Integrated Energy, Climate and Spatial planning

The second edition of the programme will take place online on 20 February, 27 February and 4 March 2024. Staff of Energy, Climate, and Development Agencies are invited to apply.

Let’s meet the first IN-PLAN Multipliers

Following up on the 1st edition of the IN-PLAN train the trainer capacity-building programme, 14 new experts from 8 organisations are now official IN-PLAN Multipliers.

IN-PLAN training opportunity: Integrated Energy, Climate and Spatial planning

New opportunity for employees of Energy, Climate, and Development Agencies to upskill on Spatial Planning and Leadership. Apply by October 31st!

Spatial planning: the crucial element for sustainable and resilient local development

#LifeINPLAN published its 1st policy brief where it summarised the latest results of the projects: the 6 steps to integrate energy, climate, and mobility into spatial planning; and the 5 integrated planning phases to effective implementation of spatial plans.

IN-PLAN to empower local and regional authorities via spatial planning

New LIFE project IN-PLAN facilitates the energy transition by empowering local and regional authorities and enacting their energy and climate policies through spatial planning! #LifeINPLAN

What is missing in Energy, Climate, and Spatial planning?

Are you involved in Energy, Climate, Urban, or Spacial planning of your territory? Would you like to share how it is done there? Then, at IN-PLAN, we are interested in your experience!