A new group of IN-PLAN Multipliers is ready to take the lead

The second IN-PLAN Train-the-Trainer programme equipped 19 participants with tools to merge energy, climate, and mobility plans into spatial planning for more efficient and sustainable practices, fostering positive change in their communities.

A new group of IN-PLAN Multipliers is ready to take the lead

Over the mornings of February 20th, 27th, and March 4th, the second edition of the IN-PLAN Train-the-Trainer programme took place. This unique training is designed to equip participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to help their local authorities merge energy, climate, and mobility plans into spatial planning. This integration allows not only for more efficient and sustainable planning at all levels but also empowers the local and regional governments to mandate the implementation of the plans themselves.

Inside the IN-PLAN training sessions

During the first morning, guest speakers presented the topic of spatial planning. Spatial planning is the method that public authorities use to influence the distribution of activities in their territory. Spatial plans allow for the creation of pleasant places to live and work while ensuring proper environmental protection. In this way, spatial planning can also be considered a socio-political process with a technical component, including climate action.

The session continued with 3 case studies presentations: Galway (IE), Vienna (AT), and Karlovac (HR). Thanks to these presentations, participants gained valuable perspectives on good spatial planning practices across Europe. The session concluded with the creation of working groups to prepare the activities for the second training day.

In the second session, participants joined their groups to discuss the real-world challenges and opportunities of integrating energy, climate, and spatial planning in their chosen city. After having addressed the problems, the groups came out with actionable solutions tailored to their local contexts. Their work was then presented to the other groups in the third session of the Train-the-Trainer programme. This workshop has been facilitated by the following partners: North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA), Technological University of the Shannon (TUS), Area Science Park, and Urban Innovation Vienna (UIV). Their expertise and guidance played a pivotal role in facilitating engaging workshops and fostering collaborative learning environments throughout the programme.

A highlight from the third and last session of this edition was also stimulating discussions on leadership and communication skills. Later on, the working groups presented their city case studies. The cities chosen in this edition of the training were Dublin (IE), Kozani (GR), Maspalomas (ES), and a fictional city in the heart of the Mediterranean. Each presentation showcased the dedication and passion of the IN-PLAN participants, who are now ready to make a change in their communities.

Becoming the next Multiplier

The IN-PLAN project aims to create an innovative structure for the integration of local and regional energy and climate planning with spatial planning, ensuring commitment at all political levels. The project offers tools and guidance at two main levels:

  • To European municipalities and regions, through the development of the IN-PLAN Practice;
  • To local and regional energy, climate, and development agencies, through the IN-PLAN capacity-building training.

As the second edition of the IN-PLAN Train the Trainer program draws to a close, we are happy to announce that a third edition is due soon, before the end of 2024.  

Don’t miss out on this chance to become a Multiplier to have the possibility of teaching the IN-PLAN practice to your local or regional authority!

You can discover more by visiting this link: IN-PLAN Capacity-building – Fedarene.