A Reference Decision-Making Web-tool for Territories in Transition

Read about TerriSTORY®, a free access web-tool developed by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency to help municipalities to plan and monitor their energy transition!

A Reference Decision-Making Web-tool for Territories in Transition

The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region counts more than 4 000 municipalities. AURA-EE, the regional energy and environment agency, developed a free access web-tool to help municipalities to plan and monitor their energy transition.

​Thanks to a dynamic and interactive visual interface, TerriSTORY® enables local stakeholders to better grasp their territory, assess its potential and identify clues to prioritise development in support of their decision process and plans. It provides a set of functions to build, follow-up and assess the territories’ trajectory and simulate scenarios to visualise their socio-economic (electric bill reductions, generated added value, maintained employment, local tax benefits) and environmental impacts (energy savings, prevention of GHG emissions).

TerriSTORY® is a vast compilation of territorial benchmarks covering a wide range of subjects for territories in transition such as:

  • energy consumption
  • employment in the building sector
  •  monetary energy balance
  • share of households supplied by district heating
  • commuting flows
  • anaerobic digestion plants.

TerriSTORY® offers advanced functionalities including the analysis of resource reserves and flows, the assessment of the socio-economic and environmental impacts of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans and follow-up with scenarios. In addition of being an asset for territorial strategies, it is also a reflection of collective cooperation in which each territory contributes to the achievement of global scale results through the quest of its own objectives, whether it is at regional, national, European or international scale.

TerriSTORY® creates a community of inclusive territories, willing to collectively raise the bar of the energy and environmental transition.

TerriSTORY® uses public domain data and multi-sources from the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research, the National Institute of Geographical and Forestry Information, public sector services, AURA-EE, regional energy, climate and air quality observatory, etc.

TerriSTORY®  is :

  • Simple to use, territory.fr is accessible to all.
  • Free, it is a collective tool that aims to make territorial knowledge available to all
  • Ever-evolving, TerriSTORY® is frequently updated with new data-sets and new functions