Castilla y León Energy Efficiency Strategy will reduce 30% of energy consumption by 2020

79 measures will be implemented in the Castilla y León region (Spain) to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission of the region by 2020. The Energy Efficiency Strategy – CyL sets the target of more than 30% reduction.

Castilla y León Energy Efficiency Strategy will reduce 30% of energy consumption by 2020

The Energy Efficiency Strategy – CyL, projects 79 measures with a challenge of reducing energy consumption and emissions of CO2 by more than 30%. The strategy received funded from public and private investments estimated at around €800 million. The strategy emerged as an upgrade of the previous energy efficiency commitment to go ahead of the future European energy objectives set in the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Performance Directive.

The objective is to reduce final energy consumption by 32.45% and 30.24% emissions by 2020 in the Castilla y León Region. The project will implement 79 measures involving € 547,90 million from private investments and € 251,20 million from public compromise.

Measures will focus on:

  1. Process, equipment, installations and energy diversification for the industry.
  2. Buildings measures supporting near-zero energy buildings in domestic, trade, services and HORECA sectors with efficiency equipment, improvements in heating and cooling, lighting and isolation.
  3. Promoting more sustainable and efficient mobility models of people & goods supporting clean vehicles infrastructures.
  4. On public lighting, buildings and water cycle for local authorities.
  5. Optimization measures such as the replacement boilers, refrigeration and windows; improvements in lighting and air conditioning in regional offices, hospitals, schools, health centres and social services.
  6. Supporting regional public universities knowledge transfer and innovation.
  7. Training and communications actions.