Energy-efficient projects in the Ústí Region

In 2017, the Ústí nad Labem Regional government decided to use Energy Performance Contracting an several energy efficiecny projects have been conducted since.

Energy-efficient projects in the Ústí Region

A growing effort to increase energy savings in buildings in the Ústí nad Labem Region led to the regional government’s decision in 2017 to use Energy Performance Contracting. Although EPC has been a globally known method for several decades, it only gained recognition within the Czech Republic after the year 2000 and especially in 2015 when the concept of energy service was included in the Czech legislation on energy management.

The first analysis was carried out by an external partner at the beginning of 2018. As the EPC method is not viable for small volumes of investments due to the complex process of project preparation and its attractiveness for energy service providers, for this analysis, the Ústí Region submitted a set of 20 facilities in which social care is provided to senior citizens and people with disabilities. Eight buildings were chosen for analysis on the basis of operating costs and the mutual proximity of selected buildings.

The results of the analysis showed that only 5 buildings were appropriate for involvement in the project. Due to the need for energy saving projects to be implemented in two of them before the end of 2018, only three buildings remained in the EPC project and it was then necessary to add more buildings. For this purpose, the Teplice Gymnasium building was selected, in which investments in technical equipment were being prepared.

Another analysis relating to six school buildings was simultaneously carried out in the city of Chomutov, recommending that the implementation of measures for all the six buildings. This allowed to increase the number of buildings to a total of 10 with an annual savings potential exceeding CZK 20 M. (approximately €758,000).

In 2018, the Ústí regional government gave the project the green light. A consultant was hired to guide the investor through the selection of energy service providers. The consultant also prepared tender documentation and supervised the regularity of proposed measures by the individual bidders.

Three energy providers applied for the tender. The result of three-round negotiations was a project that constitutes the best ratio between investment and annual energy saving for a planned investment of CZK 43 M. (approx. €1.629 M.) and guaranteed energy savings exceeding CZK 60 M. (approximately €2.273 M.), the best ratio of investment to annual energy savings. Currently, the majority of investment measures have already been implemented and 2021 will be the first year that the region is going to register savings. The project was awarded second best project of 2020 in the Czech Republic by the Association of Energy Service Providers. The Ústí Region presented this success with EPC projects in the media and hosted discussions and workshops to transfer the information to other interested subjects.

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