Ústí Region

Ústí Region is one of the 14 self-governing administrative regions of the Czech Republic.

Ústí Region

Ústí Region is one of the 14 self-governing administrative regions of the Czech Republic. It is located on the north-west part of the country. The main goal for the near and also further future in the regional development is successful transformation connected with the end of the coal mining and beginning of building new modern types of green industry and energy, economy and social milieu.

About Ústí Region in general

Thanks to the incredibly diverse landscape and valuable natural conditions, it is also a region where many visitors go to rock towns, spas, mountain tours, monuments of towns and villages and countless unique experiences. The Ústí Region has also become a destination for university students, young and active people, who use their knowledge to evaluate it in practice and become part of a wide range of local companies and enterprises.

Although in the past the region was an important industrial centre of the country, the natural consequences of long-term mining, chemical industry and other industries have brought some negatives, which were reflected both in the state of the landscape and in socio-demographic and economic indicators.

Vision and strategy for the development

The Ústí Region focuses to successful development its territory with an emphasis on the transformation of industry and the economy, the improvement of social capital, sustainable urban development and landscape renewal. It does all this with the knowledge that the territory of the region is internally very disparate and each area has its own specifics, which it does not necessarily perceive as an obstacle.

A great advantage is its border location, which is enhanced by a major transport hub across Europe. A very good factor is a relatively young and constantly developing university, which is able to produce university graduates for the local labor market and also participate in research and development projects on a wide range of topics.

The vision of the Ústí Region represents a dynamic, intelligent, sustainable, ecological and networked region that knows its strengths and weaknesses and can use them well for its development.

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