Ústí Energy Centre

The Energy Centre of the Ústí Region (ECUK) is a state-funded institution established in August 2022 to fulfill regional energy policies stipulated in the Energy Plan of the region.

Ústí Energy Centre

The Energy Centre of the Ústí Region (ECUK) is a state-funded institution by the Ústí region, established in August 2022 that focuses on optimizing the regional energy economy. The activities of the Energy Centre are focused on reducing the energy consumption of all buildings owned by the Ústí nad Labem Region and increasing the share of energy production from renewable sources. Another related goal of ECUK is to offer its services to the region, especially for public administration – municipalities and cities, as part of the strategic project of the Transformation Centre of the Ústí nad Labem Region.

Key priorities

  • Improving the efficiency of energy use by reducing the energy intensity of the economy owned by the region
  • Increasing the share of renewable energy sources and secondary energy sources in the total energy supply to the energy management owned by the region
  • Coordination of energy activities in the region aimed at meeting climate goals and transformation of the territory
  • Strengthening the region’s energy security and self-sufficiency in accordance with the SMART Region concepts
  • Development of community energy
  • Supporting the development of the hydrogen economy, emission-free mobility and circular economy
  • Creation of a complete database of objects (possibility of compatibility with Passportization)
  • Ensuring regular collection of data on energy and water consumption at the level of supply points and, as needed, at the level of secondary consumption within the PORTABO platform
  • Performing regular and extraordinary analyses of the obtained data with proposals for optimizing the level of energy management
  • Introduction and systematization of the regional energy management agenda


ECUK works with a variety of organisations:

  • UKEN – Community Energy Union
  • ICUK – Innovation Centre of the Usti Region
  • UJEP – Jan Evangelista Purkyně UniversityPurkyně University
  • ECUK also represents the hydrogen platform on behalf of the region.

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