The first Greek islands powered by 100% renewables

The Aegean Energy and Environment Agency will support the Municipality of Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands to the full decarbonization of Ereikoussa and Othonoi island power systems, and the development of a smart marina in Mathraki island.

The first Greek islands powered by 100% renewables

The project envisages to fully serve the electricity demand of the Greek islands, Othonoi and Ereikoussa, making their power systems fully decarbonized.

Developing Hybrid Power Stations

Two out of the three Diapontia Islands, Ereikoussa and Othonoi, are non-interconnected (NIIs) to the mainland and their electricity production stations use diesel to meet the demand leading to high operating costs and GHG emissions.

The project will develop 1 Hybrid Power Station (HPS) on each island, fully substituting the thermal station. The 2 HPS will consist of a wind turbine, a photovoltaic station, and a central battery energy
storage system.

Creating a smart marina

Mathraki, which is interconnected to the mainland, will transform its local port into a smart marina. A part of the port will be upgraded to accommodate a small electric boat, connecting Mathraki to the neighbouring islands. The marina will include 25 new fully equipped berths for tourist boats with electricity and water supply pillars. New energy-efficient lighting, a green waste collection point and small on-site desalination units will also be installed. EV and boat charging stations are envisaged. The electricity will be supplied through the development of a local microgrid including PV, batteries and energy management software on the marina’s premises.

Building an Energy Community

The plan includes the creation of an Energy Community (EC) with the participation of the Municipality, the Public Power Corporation, local citizens and businesses. The EC will be responsible for managing and operating the HPS and absorbing the thermal station workforce in alignment with the Just Transition Mechanism created by the European Commission to relieve consequences in areas affected by decarbonization.

In a second phase, the EC will manage the rest of the islands’ infrastructure (water, waste, transport) promoting extended sector coupling applications, turning them into zero-carbon islands, fully compatible with the smart islands initiative approach.

The project Just clean energy transition of Diapontia Islands (JEDI) is also supported by NESOI – The European Islands Facility.