Rénov’Occitanie: One-Stop-Shops for Energy Renovations and Savings in Occitanie

Discover Rénov’Occitanie innovative one-stop-shop for complete energy renovation support, unlocking energy-efficient living and reducing bills in Occitanie.

Rénov’Occitanie: One-Stop-Shops for Energy Renovations and Savings in Occitanie

Rénov’Occitanie is a public service for renovations of private housing led by the Occitanie Region since January 2021. It provides a complete support for citizens of Occitanie to carry out energy renovation work, rely on renewable energy and reduce energy bills.

As a pillar of the Positive Energy Region scenario, Rénov’Occitanie aims to reduce energy consumption and to foster energy efficiency in buildings.

A primary access based on local cooperation

Based on local public and private cooperation, 31 one-stop-shopes spread across the territory are available for a primary contact. As neutral, objective, impartial and independent places, they provide free information and advice on energy related issues at home (rational use of energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy…).

A step-by-step support througout the whole renovation process

A constant support at each stage of the energy renovation project is key to achieve overall and efficient renovations.

Based on a complete energy assessment, the user can choose among diverse renovation scenarios enabling at least 40% energy saving. This assessment and the project ownership support once a scenario is picked up are deeply funded by Occitanie Région.

Assistance to renovation works involves quotations evaluation, assistance to grants requests, support for supervision and delivery of works, as much as monitoring energy consumption over 3 years.

An integrated financial solution to reduce remaining costs

A subsidized loan is also available to cover the remaining costs for private owners and condominium (collective loan). Low-income households can also benefit from the advance payments of some grants.

A specific support for small and medium-sized enterprises

Increasing the implementation of energy efficiency acts by small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) can also lead to substantial energy savings and entail significant economic benefits for the sector. A SME who needs to improve energy efficiency of devices or activities can also be advised within Rénov’Occitanie.