Occitanie Regional Energy and Climate Agency

The Regional Energy and Climate Agency (AREC) of Occitanie was created in 2018, at the initiative of the President of the Region, Carole Delga, to accelerate the energy transition in the territories.

Occitanie Regional Energy and Climate Agency

Created in 2018 under the impetus  of the President of the Occitanie Region, Carole Delga, the Regional Energy and Climate Agency (AREC) of Occitanie manufactures energy transition solutions to support the territories actions. . As a real tool for the Region, AREC supports Occitania’s ambition to become the 1st  Positive Energy Region in Europe (REPOS) by 2025.

Presentation of the agency

The agency supports the implementation of public policies and territorial projects through active resilience to face  climate change. To do this, its hybrid organization, unique in France, is based on a structure composed of a local public company (SPL) and a semi-public company (SEM).

Neutral, the agency is a trusted third party serving the general interest and for an equitable sharing of value arising out.

Through its expertise and thanks to its engineering and investment capacities, AREC supports the various regional actors and project leaders, from the emergence to the realization of their project.

Its raison d’être and its missions

The Regional Energy and Climate Agency aims to support regional stakeholders towards active resilience to climate change by imagining and manufacturing innovative, co-constructed and adapted solutions. The agency provide its expertise for a sustainable and supportive developpement .

Among its various missions, AREC:

  • Supports territorial stakeholders with multi-stakeholder and multi-thematic solutions: AREC  has developed a platform to connect roofowners with local citizen cooperatives for the realization of photovoltaic installations, and has set up an investment tool to co-invest alongside citizens and local authorities for the development of renewable energy projects with local governance.
  • Invests and massively invests in the energy transition with an integrated service offer: AREC is carrying out,  alongside with ENGIE, the installation of  electrolysers at Toulouse Blagnac airport, to supply hydrogen to the Airbus and airport shuttles.
  • Acts to accelerate energy savings, in industry and the tertiary sector: AREC supports SATYS, an international French group headquartered in Blagnac specializing in waterproofing, aircraft painting and the interior design of aircraft and trains, for the implementation of operational actions geared towards energy efficiency.
  • Is committed to ensure the resilience of Occitania  to climate change: AREC leads the Regional Observatory of Energy and Climate in Occitania (ORCEO) which monitors the trajectory of the Positive Energy Region.
  • The agency also monitors and develops the regional public service for the energy renovation of private housing ; Rénov’Occitanie.

Projects and initiatives at European level

AREC is part of the European Stepping Plus project for the generalization of energy performance contracts around the Mediterranean basin.

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