Testimony: the benefits of upgrading your home

3cea share testimonies from happy homeowners who have undertaken home energy upgrades.

Testimony: the benefits of upgrading your home

In Ireland, 3cea has been helping homeowners carry out home energy upgrade to make their home more energy-efficient but also warm and comfortable. These testimonies collected by the agency report the benefits of such upgrades and express homeowners’ satisfaction after deciding to undergo such projects.

Homeowners testimony

Five homeowners, who recently upgraded their homes with 3cea, share their insights from undergoing a home energy upgrade project. They provide helpful tips and advice to those considering a similar project while highlighting the benefits of an energy upgrade.

For Sandy and Kevin, from Waterford, undertaking such a project meant to “have a warm and environmentally friendly home”. After the project, their home felt a lot warmer, whilst they retained the home’s character.

In Co. Kilkenny, Rachel and Denish wanted to upgrade their home with multiple measures to improve their energy rating and to reach the maximum comfort levels. Following the completion of the works, the couple is delighted by the warmth and comfort of their newly upgraded home.

Helen from Kilkenny City wanted to undertake a home energy upgrade to transform her newly purchased house from the 30s to a habitable, warm and cosy home all year’s round that is very economical to run. Indeed, the upgrade turned the house from an energy label E to an A2 (Irish standard).

Eddie from Co. Wexford also needed to carry out a complete renovation of his home without any insulation and turned it into a modern and comfortable home. With the help of 3cea, he raised the home’s energy efficiency to a label A2 and has already noticed a difference in his energy bill.

For Alan, the motivations behind renovating his home in Dublin were twofold: improving his family’s comfort levels and reducing their carbon footprint. The family were over the moon with their new and improved home and achieving an A1 rating in energy efficiency. In addition to using low energy, Alan’s family uses renewable power through solar PVs.

To homeowners who are considering a home energy upgrade project of their own, Alan recommends “to trust the experts and choose an energy specialist like 3cea who will guide you through the process. It makes sense to upgrade from fossil fuels and you will save money/payback over time. 3cea are very knowledgeable with good communication throughout the works.”

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