The fight against energy poverty in Réunion Island

The Island of Réunion, thanks to its local energy agency Horizon Réunion, is implementing advanced techniques to reduce the energy demand of households.

The fight against energy poverty in Réunion Island

The authorities combating energy poverty for households on the island of Réunion have started the national project SLIME (Local Scheme for Energy Efficiency). Horizon Réunion (the energy agency of Réunion) oversees, implementing and animating it, with the electricity supplier EDF, in support of the Regional Council of La Réunion.

The SLIME programme aims to find solutions for the fuel-poor households, allowing local authorities to provide concrete solutions to energy poverty, reduce energy demand from the grid, and finally decrease the greenhouse gas emissions.

How does it work?

Working closely with social centres, social housing providers, Horizon Réunion identifies energy-poor families, conducts diagnoses, identifies solutions, and then supports families to implement daily and simple measures to reduce energy usage at home.

After identifying an energy-poor family, a technician of Horizon Réunion will visit their home. Then, the objective is to provide neutral and free advice on energy savings. Therefore, they establish diagnoses and propose solutions adapted to each individual case.

Among the small changes made by Réunion islanders: changing lightbulbs to LEDs, disconnecting the rice cooker (an essential item in home’s kitchen of Reunion Island), installing solar water heaters and the overall improvement of the building (insulation, double-glazed windows, walls, etc.). Up to now, more than 34,000 households have already been accompanied for a 15 to 20% reduction in their energy consumption: approximately €100 savings per household per year!

The SLIME programme is a gateway to all the support offered to families in terms of lower energy consumption through renovation. Involving the population from the start is a key to a successful energy transition. By developing a governance that integrates all the initiatives deployed on the territory, which pools funding and federates all parties – population included – this service contributes to the success of the objective.

Thanks to all these actions, this regional housing energy performance service is totally in agreement with sustainable development thanks to its dimensions social, economic, and environmental.

Focus on Horizon Europe

Created in July 2013, the local public company Horizon Réunion supports Réunion Island towards self-sufficiency on energy, at the service of communities, territories, and citizens. 

Fitting into an approach that promotes local natural resources, Horizon Réunion’s role is to support shareholder local authorities in the development of concrete projects with challenges energy. Its fields of action are: control of energy demand, development of renewable energy, observation, governance, information and awareness of population.

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