Vice-President on Mobility and Transport,
CEO of the Southern Sweden Energy Agency (SE)

Transport to and within Europe must become sustainable. In order to reach this goal, all actors in society must work actively to reduce emissions through improved efficiency and technology as well as changed behaviour. We, all the regional Energy Agencies in Europe, have the knowledge to support, operate and manage the work towards a sustainable transport system.

Christel is the Managing Director of The Energy Agency of Southern Sweden (Energikontor Syd). The regional agency is one of the biggest ones in Sweden with its 30 employees. Southeast Sweden is an area that consists of 25 municipalities which are lower-level local government entities. The municipalities and the three regional councils (region) are the owners of the company. Christel has her whole career worked within different sustainability projects – from strategic waste management to energy behavioral projects and a lot in between. From 2011 she’s been working in the energy agency and since 2017 she is the CEO. 

Christel is a member of the board of Energikontoren Sverige, the national association for the Swedish regional energy agencies, and is she is a member of the regional councils for energy and climate work in the southeast. Christel has been coordinating and involved in both regional, national, and EU projects. During the last years focus has been on sustainable public procurement, wellbeing tourism, and sustainable travel modes.

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Christel LILJEGREN, FEDARENE Vice-President for Mobility and Transport and CEO of the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden discusses the role of the urgency, complexity and necessity to start efficient Ecomobility.