Vice-President for Renewable Energy Sources,
Head of External Relations at EREN (ES)

Ricardo is the Head of External Relations, Studies and Training at Ente Regional de la Energía de Castilla y León (EREN), the regional energy agency in Castilla y León, Spain. He has been involved in the energy sector since 1993, when he joined the multinational Spanish power utility Unión Fenosa (today Naturgy), and started his career at EREN in 1997.

Ricardo has been Head of External Relations, Studies and Training at EREN since 1997, and has coordinated or been involved in over 25 EU projects, including two twinnings for the adaptation of Slovenian and Hungarian energy regulations to European directives, during EU enlargement. He has been the energy agency’s Director from 2005 to 2019, and Director-General for Energy and Mining in Castilla y León Regional Government from 2007 to 2019, coinciding with the great development of renewable energies in the Region, especially wind power (>6.000 MW in Castilla y León). He has also been President of EnerAgen, the Spanish Association of Energy Agencies during 2018 and 2019.

As EREN’s director, Ricardo implemented a novel financing system for large energy projects, including EREN’s financing of a 50 MW biomass power plant in the former coal mining area, with the support of the Council of Europe Development Bank, which provided €42 million in financing for the project, representing 50% of the power plant external financing.