Climate Leadership across Europe: A journey with the Remarkable Climate Leaders

The REMARKABLE Webinar drew more than 120 participants on 13 March 2024. Watch the video to find out more about climate leadership!

Climate Leadership across Europe: A journey with the Remarkable Climate Leaders

“The purpose of today is really to give you a taste and an insight into the activities that have been ongoing under the Remarkable Climate Leaders Project.” Seamus Hoyne set the stage of the webinar.

Tadhg O’Briain, Deputy Head of Unit at Directorate-General for Energy, injected urgency into the discussion by highlighting a concerning “fatigue with the climate challenge.” He stressed the imperative of a just transition, emphasizing, “We must ensure fairness in process and outcomes,” resonating strongly with participants.

Domen Bancic, from the University of Ljubljana, brought a research-based perspective to the webinar, focusing on ethnography. “People are at the center of whatever we try to achieve,” Domen passionately asserted, urging leaders to immerse themselves in their communities.

Community-driven actions

Throughout the webinar, speakers emphasized the importance of community-driven action in combating climate change. Seamus emphasized, “There are many leaders doing great work, but they’ve been hidden because they’re just doing it,” shedding light on grassroots efforts driving change.

The webinar traversed various European regions, starting with Slovenia and Croatia, showcasing efforts towards climate leadership. Vlasta Krmelj from Podravje Regional Energy and Climate Agency emphasized the importance of involving people and communities, stating, “People are leaders somehow, just they have the perspective a little bit different.”

Miljenko Sedlar from North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency highlighted the crucial role of local decision-makers and the need for capacity building. Catherine Premat from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency stressed engaging with both current and emerging leaders, fostering networks, and sharing best practices.

Margarita Puente from ESCAN, Spain, emphasized the role of remarkable project activities in supporting local policies and plans, fostering collaboration, and providing advice and training. Lisa Vaughan from Tipperary Energy Agency highlighted the project’s role in developing leaders’ skills and confidence.

From a cup of coffee to a full-fledged project

The origins of the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project were revealed, born over a casual cup of coffee at a ManagEnergy masterclass. Seamus attributed the inception to Isabella Katsimenis, highlighting her role in sparking the idea for a proposal centered around climate leadership.

Isabella Katsimenis from Energikontor Norr emphasized the role of local leadership in driving the energy transition and the importance of nurturing emerging leaders with support and data-driven decision-making.

Seamus underscored the crucial role of local and regional energy agencies in providing leaders with robust information and facilitating stakeholder engagement. Diana Prsancova from FEDARENE invited participants to continue supporting the project and listen to the REMARKABE Climate Leaders Podcast Season 2.

“With a wealth of insights and a vibrant community of climate leaders,” Seamus concluded, “the Remarkable Climate Leaders project continues to drive meaningful action towards climate neutrality across Europe.”