Embracing Change: Introducing FEDARENE’s New Visual Identity and Vision for the Future

FEDARENE’s new visual identity reflects our commitment to adapt and succeed in the changing energy landscape, representing growth, accessibility, and our shared path towards sustainability.

Embracing Change: Introducing FEDARENE’s New Visual Identity and Vision for the Future

We are at a pivotal moment for climate and energy. EU objectives have reached unprecedented levels of ambition, particularly in light of the Ukraine invasion and ensuing energy crisis. New policy and financial frameworks are emerging, reshaping the landscape. Local and regional energy agencies, the backbone of the FEDARENE network, are adapting to new roles, expanded missions, broader geographic coverage, diverse sectors, and fresh target groups.

While our values and ambitions remain unchanged, the energy sector is undergoing significant transformation. Our members and missions are evolving, necessitating a corresponding shift within FEDARENE. We aim to become an agile and driven network that meets the evolving needs of its members.

Today, we are proud to unveil our updated visual identity – a new logo and graphic universe symbolizing this era of innovation.

The redesign retains the spirit of its predecessor while offering a clever simplification. It symbolises evolution, growth, and the pursuit of ambitious goals with positive outcomes. It is inspired by nature, while signifying friendliness and accessibility, and inviting a wide audience to engage in FEDARENE’s initiatives. Color gradients, a key element of the identity, evoke the smooth and harmonious transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

In essence, this new identity visually reinforces our dynamic nature, illustrating our constant pursuit of innovative solutions. With new leadership in place and a fresh visual identity, FEDARENE is better equipped than ever to tackle the challenges of the energy transition.

As this new era unfolds, FEDARENE looks forward to continue its cooperation with its members and partners.

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More about FEDARENE’s vision soon!

The full extent of our vision will be revealed on 26 March, stay tuned!