Energikontor Norr celebrates its 20th anniversary

The North Sweden Energy Agency -Energikontor Norr – celebrates its 20th anniversary. It’s a good opportunity to come back on its role and accomplishments.

Energikontor Norr celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Energy agency Energikontor Norr (Sweden) celebrates its 20th anniversary. Energikontor Norr started to work for sustainable development in Sweden’s northern region in 1997. During these twenty years the Energy agency have helped and supported hundreds of companies in Norrbotten, in Västerbotten and all over the region in energy and climate work.

“I think that the great supply of renewable energy, together with the innovative power that exists in humans here, has further strengthened Norrbotten when it comes to becoming an attractive place to live and to work. We, at Energikontor Norr, are very excited to have taken part in that trip and have helped on the way”, said the CEO of Energikontor Norr, Katarina Delsing.

Energikontor Norr experienced as well as a significant growth, in 1997, when they started, they were two employees and are now they are 14 employees. According to the agency,  the climate issues are now really on the agenda of both business and public actors but that is why their work is necessary.

“The role of the Energikontor Norr in supporting the development of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions is more important than ever” said the Chairman of the Board, Thomas Björnström. Energikontor Norr celebrated its anniversary on November 29, looking forward to the exciting future.

Watch the Energikontor Norr 20th anniversary video: