Belgian Renovation Week: Innovation in Building Renovations

Save the Date! The Belgian Renovation Week is scheduled from the 15-18 January 2024, in Maison de la Poste (Tour & Taxis), Brussels. Dive into crucial topics like EU renovation challenges, sustainable building transitions, material innovation, and the human side of energy renovation. Engage with experts, explore innovative solutions, and shape the future for a greener building sector.

From the 15 January 2024 to the 18 January 2024

Belgian Renovation Week: Innovation in Building Renovations

Belgium extends an invitation to mark your calendars for an event that surpasses conventional limitations and envisages a sustainable future. The Belgian Renovation Week is scheduled from the 15-18 January 2024, taking place in Maison de la Poste (Tour & Taxis), Brussels.


In the pursuit of a greener and more liveable future, the significance of renovation has emerged as a cornerstone of change. Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of EU energy consumption and 36% of the energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings are therefore the single largest energy consumer in Europe. Heating, cooling and domestic hot water account for 80% of the energy that we, citizens, consume. As carbon emissions keep affecting our planet’s health, and the drive for comfortable, energy-efficient homes becomes stronger, the need for creative and innovative solutions is more urgent than ever before.

In this regards, the event holds a special focus on European policy makers, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping regulations and standards that can propel the renovation movement.


Day 1: Navigating Renovation Challenges in the European Union

Kicking off the event is an afternoon dedicated to fostering high-level discussions. Esteemed speakers will share insights into the challenges that renovation encounters within the European Union, this day lays the foundation for dynamic conversations that will echo throughout the week. Afterwards the attendants are invited the organization for a walking dinner.

Day 2: Transitioning the Building Sector for Tomorrow

On the second day, the attention is directed towards the ongoing transition within the building sector. Delving into the subject, the agenda meticulously examines significant themes, ranging from improving the quality of enhancements as evidenced in EPC-certificates, to instigating a revolution in the heating industry through sustainable practices. Adaptation, innovation, and a forward-looking perspective towards 2050 are thoroughly examined, with particular emphasis placed on the pivotal role of the first line contact point—an indispensable hub for guidance and collaboration.

Day 3: Materials at the heart of the transition towards sustainable buildings

On day three discover the pivotal role of materials in propelling the journey towards sustainable buildings. Beyond the energy performance metrics, the discussion shifts to encompass a broader narrative—reducing greenhouse gases through strategic material choices and embracing the circular economy. Pioneering actions in this realm serve as an inspiration, with action plans, trainings, tools, and project calls lighting the way.

Day 4: Unveiling the Human Aspect of Energy Renovation

On the final day, shift perspectives as social and sociotechnical aspects of energy renovation are promoted: from a techno-economic approach to a sociotechnical approach, from buildings to neighbourhoods, from non-vulnerable to vulnerable households. Without denying the core technical challenges, this shift is urgently needed to trigger a massive renovation wave; it might link the technical world to the complexity of human behaviours by emphasizing the support required for households, the importance of raising awareness, and mobilizing and empowering these households. Question the collective and individual perceptions of energy renovation and raise the question of the Who (renovates) and Why. Furthermore, energy renovation is a key issue for a just and fair energy transition.

Closing session

The Belgian Renovation Week will end with a high-level closing session. Panellists will discuss the conclusions of the previous days and share their views and proposals on the salient elements.  The session will be followed by an invitation for attendees to join a concluding reception, allowing for informal networking and knowledge sharing as to accelerate and deepen building renovation

Registration opens on 31 October 2023!