Circular Economy beyond Energy: Recycling and Reducing Waste

Always wondered how circular economy could help your city/region in its energy transition? This webinar is for you!

From the 09 February 2021 10:00am to the 09 February 11:30am

Circular Economy beyond Energy: Recycling and Reducing Waste

When addressing the challenge of climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, one quickly wonders about production and consumption habits. We consume much more and much faster than what the earth can produce. As reported by the UN, by 2050, we would need three planets to provide enough resources to satisfy our current lifestyles. It is clear: a change is needed.

This is why the European Commission has given Circular Economy a central role in the EU Green Deal, and has recently published a new Circular Economy Action Plan for a cleaner and more competitive Europe.

Circular material use can minimise waste and resource extraction, improve resource efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to conserving biodiversity. Yet, most circular economy initiatives in Europe are still at an early stage and would benefit from more investments in upscaling promising innovations and in monitoring progress towards circularity.

Join FEDARENE‘s upcoming Webinar Series on Circular Economy and learn how to become a frontrunner in Europe’s transition towards a more sustainable and competitive system! These seminars will touch upon the many different aspects of circular economy, from biogas production to public procurement, waste management and recycling. You will get inspired by local and regional initiatives and hear from renowned experts and EU representatives. The transition to a new, circular and fair society has started, will you be a part of it?

This Webinar is part of FEDARENE’s Circular Economy Webinar Series:

Webinar Material

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And download the speakers’ presentations:

  1. The Circular Economy Action Plan: the European Committee of the Region’s opinion by Tjisse Stelpstra, CoR & Drenthe Province (NL)
  2. Circular Economy in Central Finland by Hannu Koponen, regional Council of Central Finland (FI)
  3. Setting up regional action plans using Interreg EU projects – 2 examples with plastic recycling and waste reduction in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes by Céline Bonnet & Grégoire Thonier, AURA-EE (FR)
  4. Circular economy and more sustainable materials for electric infrastructures by Francisco Puente, ESCAN (ES)
  5. Ways2Taste – innovation collaboration, circular value-chains and proteins of the future by Nardono Nimpuno, Innovatum Science Park (SE)