Escan s.l.

Escan is a Spanish consultancy company founded in 1986 that offers technical, economic and financial advice on energy planning, energy efficiency, sustainable energy and smart grids.

Escan s.l.

Escan is a Spanish consultancy company founded in 1986 that offers technical, economic, and financial advice on energy planning, energy efficiency, sustainable energy, and smart grids.

We contribute to the energy and climate objectives of the EU Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Escan is a consulting firm with wide experience in the energy sector, providing advice in the reduction of the energy demand, increase of sustainable energy and CO2 emissions mitigation.

Our clients come from public institutions, private companies, associations, and other organizations. We are focused on achieving their energy, environmental and socio-economic aims.

We develop projects mainly in Europe and American countries, with an active involvement in technology and innovation initiatives.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficiency studies, audits, energy management, energy plans.
  • Smart grids, distributed generation, intelligent meters, and energy storage.
  • Energy communities with local entities and citizens.
  • Economic calculations and financing of energy projects.
  • Energy data Bases and mobile applications (APPs) for efficient equipment.
  • International cooperation projects in Europe and LATAM.

Sustainable Energy

  • Production, cogeneration, and self-consumption with renewable energies (solar PV, Biomass).
  • Consulting biomass, biogas, waste, and energy crops.
  • Business models for renewable energy projects.
  • Sustainable projects in local and regional areas.
  • Product life cycle analysis (LCA) in manufacturing industries.
  • Socio-economic analysis related to sustainable communities.
  • Carbon footprint in substations and distribution grids.

Smart Grids

  • Dimensioning and cost-benefit analysis of energy storage systems in power networks.
  • Standards and regulation studies of smart grids.
  • Smart grids design in remote and rural areas.
  • Report on the current development of smart meters in Europe (European smart meter landscape report).
  • Advising in the elaboration of studies for client’s segmentation and tariffs based on smart metering.
  • Projects on added-value services from smart grids data.

International Projects

  • SMART EPC: “Next generation of energy performance contracting”.
  • REMARKABLE: “Local leaders for climate neutrality in 2050”.
  • QualDeEPC: “Hight-quality energy performance assessment and certification in Europe accelerating deep energy renovation”.
  • EUCF (City Facility): “European initiative to support municipalities in sustainability projects”.
  • E4 project: “Activation of the market for efficient technologies in Central America (2019-2030)”.
  • REPLACE: “Making heating and cooling for European consumers efficient and environmentally friendly”.
  • ICCEE: “Improving the energy efficiency on the cold chain in food and beverages”.
  • EMPOWER: “Greater reduction of CO2 emissions through dynamic monitoring of energy efficiency in buildings”.
  • METROGAS: “Assistance on sustainable energy efficiency”. Chile.

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