Energy sufficiency for cities beyond the winter energy saving sprint

Join us to find out how we can stay on the virtuous path of structural energy-sufficiency measures beyond winter 2023!

The 26 May 2023 from 11:00 to 12:30 Brussels time

To help cities anticipate potential energy shortages during winter 2022-23 due to international context and to face raising energy prices the Covenant of Mayors launched the Cities Energy Savings Sprint. The campaign was very successful, and a high diversity of innovative activities were conducted (cf repository and videos with good practices), particularly in heating, lighting, and mobility sectors but also disseminating energy-saving advice to citizens.

After winter 2023, it will be time to take stock of what has been achieved by cities (best practices, innovative emergency measures, etc…) and see how the dynamic toward energy sufficiency can be sustained further. The sharing of good and innovative practices is empowering cities to further engage in delivering the European Green Deal. We will therefore consider how the emergency measures highlighted by the Cities Energy Saving Sprint campaign can inspire beyond winter 2023 and how the initiative can support the overall EU energy transition to build “a better future for the next generation and making ourselves better equipped and more prepared to face the challenges to come[1].

Accordingly, the red line of this webinar is to try to find out how we can stay on the virtuous path of structural energy-sufficiency measures beyond winter 2023.

The introduction will be dedicated to taking stock of the best practices put in place before and during winter 2023 by sharing key takeaways from CoMo Europe 2023 Conference. As the focus of the webinar, we will then dive into the next steps to enhance energy sufficiency and efficiency. In particular, we will try to see how cities can promote soft mobility and sustainable tourism and how they can encourage green local energy production. These topics were selected in order to present a wide range of possible measures but also to address both, short-and medium-term actions.

Watch the recording here.

[1] Commission work programme 2023 – A Union standing firm and united Strasbourg, 18.10.2022 COM(2022) 548 final