European Initiatives for Climate Protection in Municipalities

Come discuss synergies and challenges of European initiatives for climate and hear the results of the CoME EASY H2020 project.

From the 21 April 2021 10:30am to the 21 April 12:30pm

In the context of this year’s digital ENERGIETAGE in Berlin the event “European Initiatives for Climate Protection in Municipalities – Synergies and Challenges” will take place on 21.04.2021 from 10:30 until 12:30.

Municipalities are amongst the most important and active players in the energy and climate transition in Europe. They are supported in their commitment to achieve climate goals by a growing number of energy and climate protection related initiatives, such as the Covenant of Mayors – Europe and the European Energy Award. It is important to use and strengthen synergies and to combine the different strengths of the various approaches in the sense of municipal climate protection in order to support municipalities in their efforts regarding climate policy.

During the event, selected initiatives and the results of the Horizon 2020 project CoME EASY will be presented, the specific situation of municipalities will be discussed in direct talks and aspects of European financing approaches for climate protection in municipalities will be looked at in more detail.

ENERGIETAGE in Berlin has been the leading event for energy transition and climate protection in Germany since 2000. Under the umbrella of this major congress, between 50 and 60 individual congresses, conferences and workshops are held each year, organised by various institutions from the energy, construction, housing, climate protection and environment sectors.


Register at https://www.energietage.de/event/118-europaeische-initiativen-zum-kommunalen-klimaschutz.html and discuss with us how synergies can be used and challenges in municipal climate protection can be overcome. The event will be held in German.