REELIH Regional Conference II

The conference deepens a much-needed conversation on achieveing the renovation and retrofitting of Central and Eastern Europeans houses.

From the 16 November 2021 to the 19 November 2021

The problems of inefficient energy use, high energy prices and energy poverty have consistently struck housing markets in Central and Eastern Europe. With the introduction of the European Commission’s new policy initiative the European Green Deal, the interest of the EU in the housing sector has grown significantly. Energy-efficient renovation of residential buildings within and beyond the borders of the EU is anchored in the Renovation Wave Strategy and the Recommendation on Energy Poverty.

This conference comes timely to continue the discussion on scaling up financing for retrofitting of multi-apartment buildings. It will bring together a network of practitioners from public, private, and NGO sectors to discuss energy poverty, EU policies and their implementation at a national level, community mobilization, scaling up the financing for the renovation of multi-apartment buildings, and managing the “eco-system of residential energy efficiency”.

Registration details will be shared later on.