Spreading the renovation wave to neglected market players

BUILD UP is hosting a webinar organised by FEDARENE on Spreading the renovation wave to neglected market players.

The 07 May 2024 from 11:00 to 12:25 Brussels time

The event will delve into the role of the EU Peers project in involving society as an asset in the achievement of local authorities’ renovation targets.  

There is a large group of our society which is often neglected by energy efficiency solutions and market players, but that can substantially impact on the targets of the renovation wave. 1- or 2-persons households, low-income people, refugees, etc… are often left aside from big renovation works. It is time to change the paradigm and involve them in the market!  

Decision-makers and market-players shall acknowledge the fact that renovation rests on the shoulders of individual homeowners.  

There is a need to look at the societal aspect of the renovation/construction world, to look at the habits and behaviours of vulnerable people, because only by building their trust we can truly accompany them throughout the renovation of their homes.


11:00 Presentation of BUILD UP, Introduction to webinar topic and agenda by BUILD UP Team member

11:03 Icebreaker with the audience (Slido) by BUILD UP Team member

11:08 The role of OSS and technical support under EED and EPBD by Pierluca Merola, Policy Officer (DG ENER)

11:18 The European Community of Practice for OSS and their stakeholders by Marta Lupattelli, Project Officer (FEDARENE)

11:28 Q&A session by BUILD UP Team member

11:38 Setting the scene: why vulnerable people are left out of renovation? by Suzanne de Cheveigne, Senior Researcher (Association Nationale des Compagnons Bâtisseurs, CNRS)

11:48 Develop an affordable ZEH market and create consumers/suppliers’ interest by Alexandra Hamilton, Senior Engineer (Southeast Ireland Energy Agency)

11:58 Moving from individual to collective renovation by Andoni Hidalgo Simon (BIRTUOSS)

12:08 Q&A session by BUILD UP Team member

12:23 Thank you from BUILD UP by BUILD UP Team member