Using data to accelerate action and inform policies – focus on the transport sector

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the tools and data available to support your local mobility and transport actions. Register by 26 April.

From the 28 April 2021 15:00pm to the 28 April 16:30pm

The webinar will inform Territorial Coordinators and Supporters around tools that can support cities in achieving Climate Neutrality.

Cities and local governments In Europe partners are still struggling with accessing the right data to accelerate local actions across sectors. More importantly, EU Covenant signatories often lack capacity of using the data, analyze it and apply it in the development of local policies and implementation of plans. This affects in particular smaller to medium sized municipalities, and hinders action planning and implementation in sectors such as transport, due to the capillarity of the information required to develop ad hoc measures. 80% of the EU Covenant signatories count less than 50,000 inhabitants. As such, Territorial Coordinators often take on the responsibility to help, support, and even directly provide information (including data and data analysis) to smaller municipalities.

Often Territorial Coordinators and Supporters play an important role in supporting the smaller communities in developing their plans and assess their baseline. Even where data is accessible and available, cities and local governments still struggle with managing and processing the data acquired due to limited technical capacity or resources available to process in action-oriented manner the information available.

This webinar will kick-start a conversation around tools and resources that can support cities in accelerating their races towards carbon neutrality, starting by exploring opportunities in the transport sector.  The session will present a range of available tools to support local governments in their action planning and implementation, by featuring cities’ on-the-ground experiences.

Through discussing real-life cities’ experiences using select tools, this session will respond to the following questions:

  • What data – and why – is useful for Covenant Europe signatories?
  • How can this data accelerate policy planning and action implementation?
  • How can it be used to accelerate action and help define local policies?

The webinar, organised in partnership between the EU Covenant and the Global Covenant of Mayors is part of a series of three sessions for select EU Covenant Territorial Coordinators, Supporters and cities.  The next webinars in this series will focus on solar/RES potential (12 May) and the building sector (26 May).

The draft agenda of the webinar is available here.