FEDARENE welcomes 4 new members!

During the General Assembly set in Berlin the first of June 2017, FEDARENE voted unanimously in favor of the entrance of 4 members in the FEDARENE members office.

FEDARENE welcomes 4 new members!
SPL Energies Réunion – Gaëlle Gilboire

Gaëlle Gilboire is the main manager of the SPL Energies Réunion. She is very active on the questions concerning the insecurity. Created on 4 july 2013, the SPL are a new method of intervention available to local authorities since 2010. They are public limited companies created and wholly owned by at least two local authorities (or their groups). On the other hand, they can only work for their public shareholders and their proper territories. We warmly welcome her in the College 1 of FEDARENE.

MENEA – Alen Višnjić

Alen Višnjić is the Director of Medjimurje Energy

Agency. Established in year 2008 on the initiative of Medjimurje County and Regional Development Agency – REDEA, MENEA wants to promote the idea of sustainable development according to actual needs of Medjimurje County. Moreover, the organization wants to promote the implementation of RES and EE projects. At the end, their goal is to find satisfaction of informational and technical needs of public and private sector on issues of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We warmly welcome him in the College 2 of FEDARENE.

ESCAN – Francisco Puente

Francisco Puente is Project and Business Development Manager at ESCAN Energy Consulting since 2004. ESCAN is a Spanish energy and sustainability consultancy firm. Founded in 1986, it is a 100% private organization which delivers  technical and financing advises to public and private customers, at national, international and now, at European level. Its main goal is to promote new technologies and innovative projects. At last, the organization is completely independent from industrial groups and suppliers. We warmly welcome him in the College 3 of FEDARENE.

Christian Labie

Former Director of the “RAEE-Rhônalpénergie-Environnement” for 22 years, Christian Labie was one of the first to accompany FEDARENE in this European adventure. Today, retired from the regional agency, he has always been struggled against the issues regarding energy and environment fields. Thus, it is why Mister Labie applied for entering FEDARENE a second time, but as an individual not representing an entity.  We warmly welcome him in the College 4 of FEDARENE.