Finalist of the 1st edition of the Roger Léron Award 2015, please meet Fred Nordstrom (Sweden).


Mr. Fred Nordstrom, Founder of Energikontor Norr, Sweden

The Regional Energy Agency of Norrbotten Energikontor Norr (former NENET) initiates, coordinates and implements projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and increased supply of renewable energy in all sectors of society.

Fred Nordstrom has built up the Agency from two employees in 1998 to 13 people employed in 2015. Now Energikontor Norr has offices in three municipalities in the two northern counties representing almost 38 % of the land area in Sweden.

The diversity of the Actions/contribution:

  • Fred succeeded in gathering politicians in all municipalities in Norrbotten and in the County Council in order that they commit themselves to the project and create Energikontor Norr.
  • Engaged in the Regional Strategy and Action plan for climate and energy
  • Worked for that sustainable energy should be a part of the regional development strategy
  • Convinced the County Council to be a regional coordinator for the Covenant of Mayors and that Energikontor Norr should be responsible for the actions.
  • Initiated the establishment of a regional sustainable Energy and Climate Industry Association
  • Responsible for the about 20 ongoing projects a year on the regional and international level.
  • Worked for recognition of regional energy agency in Sweden to the national level and the Swedish Energy Agency.
  • Built up the regional coordination and network for municipal Energy Advisory service which the Swedish Energy Agency used as a model for all regions
  • Development of regional potential studies for renewable energy between 2001 and 2007 and on the local level in 21 municipalities 2012.

His work involves managing projects, conducting investigations, creating and maintaining networks and participating in the dissemination of experiences and best practices. This is done through the organization of activities such as conferences, conducting presentations at conferences and schools, development of articles and reports, brochures, magazines, newsletters and also via our websites.

Socio-Economic Aspects:

As the County Council says in the letter of recommendation, Fred Nordström is the father of Energikontor Norr.

Fred, as Managing Director of Energikontor Norr, involved hundreds of SMEs in energy efficiency projects for more than 10 years and saved millions of kWh.

Potential studies for renewable energy in municipalities has been valuable for the municipal and regional planning process and base for the establishment of new business and exploitation of natural resources.

Fred Nordstrom early realized the idea and potential of regional energy agencies and also that all Swedish regional energy agencies together would be a very strong part of national projects with actions on the regional level. Fred Nordstrom contributed to the establishment of the Swedish Association of regional energy agency in the year 2000, and for nine years member of the board and as President between 2004 and 2009

Fred Nordstrom was a great defender of the subsidiarity of Local and Regional Authorities expertise for national decisions (interviews, conferences etc.)

European Impact:

The international perspective has always been important for Fred Nordstrom and Energikontor Norr has been active in international projects for many years. Energikontor Norr has been a partner in projects and similar activities with regions in most of the European countries.

For instance, Fred Nordstrom represented the Swedish Energy Agencies in Managenergy Reflection Group 2004-2008

Energikontor Norr is one of the 12 partners of COOPENERGY aiming to help regional (county) and local public authorities develop joint action plans by using Multi-Level Governance agreements to ensure regional and local authorities are working together to the greatest effect to deliver on the EU 20/20/20 targets.

In 2014, the County Council of Norrbotten became the First Territorial Coordinator in Sweden for the Covenant of Mayor. Energikontor Norr has been appointed to be the coordinator for the Covenant of Mayors

In 2015, the role for Energikontor Norr will be extended:

  • engage new municipalities that not yet has joined the Covenant of Mayors
  • help municipalities to prepare local energy action plans based on the regional level.
  • assist municipalities in the implementation of actions defined in the plans.

Added value:

Fred Nordstrom retired last year. He was a real pioneer in his country; this award could be the occasion to celebrate his outstanding contributions to the development of sustainable energy.

Energikontor Norr has become a recognized regional energy agency with stable ownership and noticed activity. During the time he was the director, Fred was also militating in favour of sustainable energy, fighting against the promotion of nuclear in his country. He received recognition from his colleagues for his remarkable and impressive work.