Join the HUB-IN Alliance to reconstruct your city’s historic urban area!

For those who are interested in carrying out a regeneration process in their city’s historic urban area following the HUB-IN approach, 20 additional historic urban areas will be selected to develop their own hubs of innovation.

Join the HUB-IN Alliance to reconstruct your city’s historic urban area!

A HUB-IN place is both local and global, grounded by its sense of place, community and cultural heritage, enhanced by being part of a network of hubs all with the same mission: To promote the urban transformation and heritage-led regeneration of Historic Urban Areas through innovation and entrepreneurship, while preserving their unique cultural, social and environmental identities and values.

20 additional historic urban areas will be selected to follow the project and potentially develop their own hubs of innovation. They will be part of the Hub-In Alliance, where they will have access to the network and knowledge, as well as exclusive content and support for their own regeneration processes. The collaboration between our Pilot cities and Alliance cities will develop further into the HUB-IN Alliance, to create a ‘network of interest’ continuing the work of HUB-IN supporting and connecting Hubs of Innovation across Europe into the future.

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The context:

HUB-IN – Hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship for the transformation of Historic Urban Areas” is a EU funded project from Horizon 2020 aiming to transform and regenerate Historic Urban Areas (HUAs) while preserving their unique cultural and social identity and the environment.

The project’s main goals are to reverse trends of abandonment and neglect of historic heritage, create new sustainable opportunities for local traditional businesses, develop new creative skills and jobs and ignite new ideas and solutions by matching tradition with innovation. To do so, the project is engaging with local communities and fostering relationships between local entrepreneurs.