Liguria Regional Energy Agency

IRE is a joint-stock company by Italy’s Liguria Region as a result of the merger of three regional companies dealing respectively with infrastructure development, building and urban renovation and energy.

Liguria Regional Energy Agency

IRE is a joint-stock public agency established by Liguria Region (north-west Italy) to deal with Infrastructure development, building and urban Renovation and the implementation of Energy policies at regional level. Its tasks are feasibility studies, tendering procedures, public works management, design of new infrastructures, energy and climate planning support to public entities (region and municipalities), development of urban regeneration projects, social housing retrofitting, support to regional policy making and in the management of ERDF related calls, EU funds research. IRE can count on over 45 highly skilled employees with technical experience in design and planning, public procurement, project management, communication, training and EU projects.

Specifically, IRE’s Energy Department has a staff of 15 professionals and the mission to identify, promote and implement energy and climate policies and introduce new energy technologies in Liguria. The Energy Dept. supports the Regional Authority and other local administrations in the elaboration and implementation of energy and climate plans and in Covenant of Mayors related initiatives: examples of this activity are the development of Liguria Region’s Energy and Environmental Plan, the West-Liguria Port Authority’s Environment Energy Plan and the SEAPs/SECAPs for over 50 Municipalities in the Region. IRE also promotes the local acquisition of energy laws, manages a consortium of public entities to purchase electricity on the market and a global service contract for the energy efficiency of all Liguria hospitals, which includes the monitoring and verification of tariffs, projects and interventions. It is the body entrusted by the Region to manage the entire process for the energy certification of buildings in Liguria, including development of the regional regulation. Further activities include the development of business plans for RES plants, the promotion of sustainable mobility and energy training and awareness-raising activities targeting diverse stakeholders.

IRE is also very active at the international level, in the past two decades taking part in over 50 EU projects mostly focusing on energy and climate-related topics (Horizon 2020, Interreg, Climate-Kic, FP7, IEE, LIFE, etc.). In recent years, IRE’s EU activity has been extending its focus beyond energy and climate to include other sustainable topics such as green infrastructures, nature-based solutions, urban regeneration/ heritage, and mobility.

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