Interview with Julije Domac at EUSEW

Julije Domac was interviewed by Togetair during his recent trip to Brussels for the European Sustainable Energy Week.

Interview with Julije Domac at EUSEW

Julije Domac (President of FEDARENE, Director of North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Special Advisor on Energy and Climate to the Croatian President) was interviewed during his attendance at the Togetair Climate Summit during European Sustainable Energy Week.

In the interview, Mr. Domac shared his thoughts on European cooperation on energy, on seizing the moment for the energy transition, and on the different pathways that countries have in order to get there.

“I try all the time to communicate and advise that a green future is the only future that we can have.”

Julije Domac

Speaking further, the FEDARENE President emphasized that the energy crisis is not just only affecting citizens; small- and medium-sized enterprises are also struggling in the battle to overcome the energy crisis. Furthermore, Mr. Domac called for the maintenance of unwavering European values: democracy, safety, and security. “It’s time for European cooperation. [Member States] should support and help each other balance energy problems, and in the short and medium term, we should do more, invest more, and build more renewable energy capacities. That is the only energy which we have in Europe, to be honest.”