Join the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change!

There is still time to sign the Climate Mission charter and lead the way towards a climate-resilient future in Europe.

Join the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change!


The Mission’s objective is to support 150 regions and communities to accelerate their transformation towards climate resilience by helping them understand, prepare for and manage climate-induced risks.

Joining the Mission will put the regions and communities right at the forefront of innovation in Europe’s transition to becoming a more resilient continent.

Why participate? Benefits for regions and communities

By signing up to the Charter and the tenets of the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, regions and communities will become part of a community of practice on adaptation to climate change, and have the opportunity to network and share with other regions and communities in Europe.

Signatories will also have access to the services of the Mission Implementation Platform, which will be operational in early 2023. These will comprise:

  • Help with accessing knowledge and methods on climate risk assessments;
  • Access to best practice examples from other regions and information on the latest research results; 
  • Support with linking these examples and research results with local adaptation plans, roadmaps or adaptation pathways;
  • Access to tools, examples and best practices for interacting and engaging with citizens;
  • Advice on possible public and private funding sources for adaptation.

How to participate

The survey aims to assess the interest from regions and communities in joining the Mission Adaptation to Climate Change by signing up to the Mission Charter. It also seeks to understand the key issues and challenges faced by local and regional authorities in the EU in adapting to the impacts of climate change.

The Mission’s secretariat will evaluate the commitment of regions and communities through the replies and evidence provided. On this basis, regions and communities will be invited to sign the Mission Charter. Representatives from regional and local authorities will be asked to sign of the Mission Charter on behalf of their respective authorities.

Participation in the survey is open and non-competitive. All applications received will be evaluated accordingly.