Alba Local Energy Agency

ALEA – Alba Local Energy Agency is a non-governmental organization founded in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Alba county by implementing the energy transition.

Alba Local Energy Agency

Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA established in 2008 is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization that aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Alba County by improving the current situation in energy efficiency, energy management and energy use from renewable sources.


Main objectives of Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA:

•    to develop an energy policy at Alba County level,

•    to promote energy efficiency and RES projects,

•    to support public authorities and local business in sustainable energy issues,

•    to educate, raise awareness and disseminate of information on efficient energy use and the use of RES among citizens,

•    to exchange best practices and to transfer skills by participating in European and national networks” (the objectives part is almost the same apart from some minor language accuracy issues).

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