Örebro County Energy Agency

The Job of the Örebro County Energy Agency is to actuate and inspire the region’s municipalities, entrepreneurs, enterprises, organizations and residents on how to use energy more efficiently and to choose renewable energy.

Örebro County Energy Agency

The work of the agency contributes to the region’s climate and energy vision – by 2045, Örebro is a region without the net emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

In order to reach the vision, we have three strategies:

  • Energy use is effective in all parts of society and based on renewable energy sources.
  • New purposeful technology and changed consumption habits contribute to achieving the environmental objective of limited climate impact outside the county.
  • The energy change contributes to the sustainable development of business and increases the possibilities for a good quality of life in the county.

Together with the County Administrative Board of Örebro County we have developed and are working on implementing the energy and climate program for the Örebro region.

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