Selnica ob Dravi Municipality

Selnica ob Dravi is a community in the central Drava Valley in Slovenia.

Selnica ob Dravi Municipality

The Municipality

Selnica ob Dravi is a community in the central Drava Valley, located approximately 15 kilometres upstream from Maribor, in the direction of Koroška region. It takes only 10 minutes to reach Maribor by car.
The valley’s favourable residence conditions provided attractive opportunities for settlements already in the past, while in the 20th century the main reasons for the population growth were favourable conditions for agriculture and the Drava River with its potential for tourism and other forms of economic activities.

Selnica ob Dravi is also interesting because of its culture. Cultural activities mostly take place in many creative arts societies. Arnold Tovornik, a well-known Slovene theatre and movie actor, was born in Selnica. The natural and cultural heritage in the area includes the natural reserve of Sveti Duh na Ostrem vrhu and the manor of Viltuš of an exceptional artistic value. The seigniory of Viltuš was, together with other estates in Maribor region, of exceptional importance for the rise of upper classes at a certain time.


The Municipality of Selnica ob Dravi is building its future on the principles of sustainable development. It takes care to activate all available potentials, taking into account the quality of life of people and the environment, and social responsibility towards current and future generations. The municipality’s strategy is therefore aimed at maintaining the balance of its ecosystems and energy independence.


The basic mission of the Selnica ob Dravi Municipality is to provide services and conditions that contribute to the quality of life and work of citizens and organizations by meeting their needs with regard to given resources. 
Services provided by the municipality are efficient and fiscally responsible, and are therefore appreciated by its citizens and organizations. 
The organization of the Municipality of Selnica ob Dravi ensures the implementation of one of the basic democratic principles, namely the participation of citizens in the management of public affairs. 
The municipality will be recognizable in terms of the openness of its citizens, the direction towards energy-saving and environmentally friendly agricultural and other activities, as well as the richer cultural and sporting activities of its citizens and organizations.


We believe that with the values ​​we are committed to, we will create our vision and build a friendlier and better municipality for citizens, organizations and visitors:

  • Integrity,
  • Respect of the difference,
  • Striving for excellence,
  • Partnership,
  • Guarantee of durability,
  • Teamwork.


A municipality that works the way we want it will be built through the achievement of the following goals:

  • A municipality where people are in the first place,
  • Opportunity and growth space,
  • Healthy, safe and green municipality,
  • A municipality that spends smartly and strategically invests.

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